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Weights and Cardio

The space you need to reach your goals.

Sunny Gymz has the largest range of free weights, machines and cardio equipment in Whakatane.

The weights room is huge with equipment to strengthen and tone every muscle. There’s plenty of equipment and space to workout, especially at those busy times - reducing any waiting around. The air-conditioned spacious cardio area has plenty of bikes, rowers, treadmills, and cross trainers.

Sunny Gymz is wheelchair accessible on the ground floor including our showers/toilets.

Train in the fresh air

You can also take free weights and equipment into our outdoor training area - perfect for those hotter days or just when you're keen to get some exercise in the fresh air.

Reach your goals with a personalised programme

If you are new to gyms or feel like you would benefit from expert guidance, investing in a personalised program is a great option.

We recommend all new members buy a "Get Started" session (cost: $50) with one of our friendly qualified trainers. After talking through your health and fitness goals and exercise background, they'll design a programme to match. We'll then take you through the entire programme teaching you how to use the equipment and most importantly, correct technique until you are confident enough to do it yourself.

Personalised Programmes for athletes

Our personalised exercise programmes are not just for beginners, we can also design these up to elite level athletes.

Don't hesitate to pop in and discuss this with one of our friendly team members, it's a great 'small cost' investment you won't regret!

Don't wait for tomorrow. Healthy starts here.


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